We are an Italian group with 6 subsidiaries in the world. Yet, first of all, we are a family that has been working in the field of solar protection for over forty years.

A group of companies with a single objective

Along with our headquarters in Bedizzole (Brescia), we have 7 subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, France, China, Germany and Turkey.

A history of passion, courage and experience

Since 1947 we have been passing down and nurturing our values from generation to generation. We have a past full of successes. We keep our eyes on the future to innovate and renew ourselves.

Our «Tocco Italiano»

Is a positive attitude towards life. Is a passionate approach towards the world. Is an ingenious way of doing things.

Our products: excellence as made by Cherubini

From the choice of the raw materials and parts right up to packaging, we monitor our entire product process to offer you safe, reliable and versatile solutions.

Quickly and certainly: this is our answer

We develop reliable, safe and versatile solutions quickly and certainly. That way our efficiency is your guarantee of excellence.

Knowing how to read and understand

Technological innovation is our thinking and productive driving force. We invest in listening and research, so we can offer cutting edge solutions.