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Our story
  • 1947 - 1970

    Our story begins in the Italy of reconstruction, with the first activity by Cherubini: a small handicraft business involved in the forging of metals. Nobody imagined it was the beginning of a three-generation story, comprising attention to detail, emotions, values. The search for new solutions also characterised the first years of the business, ready to open up to the most competitive of markets, Switzerland. From a small handicraft business, our growth path began as an international supplier of accessories for glass doors, according to the most rigorous Swiss standards.

  • 1970 - 1990

    The long wave of the economic boom of the 1960s fuelled our desire for renewal. Reorganisation, diversification and expansion of the offer led us to the production of accessories for roller shutters and Venetian blinds.

    Cherubini’s consolidation and expansion phase took place in the eighties, as a result of the extension of the range with the first solutions for sunshades and screens. These were vital and hectic years, in whichthe international vision of the company was formed,which led to the opening of the first commercial office abroad, located in Geneva. A first step towards the current global structure.

  • 1990 - 2000

    The end of the twentieth century brought a further evolution in our path. In fact, we started creating the first electronic solutions for the movement of sunshades:an innovation that would give us impetus and enable us to become true ambassadors of Made in Italy, exponents of a local craftsmanship capable of conquer the international market with an increasingly integrated range between manual and electronic operation.

  • 2000 - today

    The new challenge was to combine electronics and home automation in cutting-edge solutions, able to offer customisable living comfort. We face it, aware of the importance of the history we had already experienced and of the horizons yet to be discovered, thanks to the cohesion and professionalism of our 180 collaborators and to theoperating branches in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, China and Turkey.

“We pay strict attention to detail. We always aim for the highest quality. We have a history of success and we constantly renew and re-invent be able to offer our customers high-quality products and excellent service.”

Research and development

We design and develop each of our solutions, thanks to the synergistic work of three design offices with advanced skills in electronics and automation, in the production of tubular motors and manual accessories. A unique vision, to offer you value-added systems.

Selection of materials

We carefully choose the raw materials to be processed, paying attention to quality and their performance once in place. Dedicated production lines transform zamak, brass, aluminium, steel and plastic through moulding and mechanical machining processes.

Integrated production

We integrate all the technologies useful to give specific shape to our projects. The coexistence of the specialist departments required in a production area of ​​14,500 square metres enables us to take care of every detail in all processes, such as turning, tumbling, toothing and thermo-lacquering, with maximum flexibility in every phase.

Quality tests

We test our products in a workshop equipped with devices for durability testing, comparison, prototyping and research of alternative materials. Careful and precise work, to provide guarantee to end customers, distributors and installers.

Logistics management

Our facility is divided into a network of small companies united in a large group: a flexible and agile network, designed for maximum speed and timeliness in the delivery of our products. We are also closer to customers, thanks to the international support network built over the years through our branches.

Support and training

We work alongside technicians, installers, distributors and private individuals with Cherubini Academy, a digital platform with video tutorials for installing and configuring systems, instruction manuals, catalogues, brochures and training courses.

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