We believe in the power of constant evolution.

We put all our energy into motion,
in the pursuit of systems that make life more comfortable and sustainable.

We chose to listen and co-design
because we know that the most effective ideas come from working together.

Together with our customers and partners,
we contribute to the improvement of living spaces
with complete sun protection solutions: efficient, versatile and reliable.

Our Italian roots are an essential part of who we are.
We are proud of our history as an industrial family and
grateful to the people who make it possible for us to grow
as an international group today.

We value this precious heritage of skills and passion in everything we do,
constantly striving to be better and to surpass ourselves every day.

Beyond expectations, beyond results, we always ask for more.

Tocco italiano

“We have always loved our work and we fling ourselves into it with passion,
day after day.”

Tocco italiano

Is a positive attitude towards life.
Is a passionate approach towards the world.
Is an ingenious way of doing things.

It is innovation. It is style.
It is sensitivity.
We have always loved our work.
and we fling ourselves into it with passion,
day after day.

Our secret?

...is knowing exactly
how to build our own future,
with daring and dedication,
promoting values that we have passed on
from generation to generation.

We pay strict attention to detail.
We always aim for the highest quality.
We have a history of success and
we constantly renew and re-invent ourselves.

To be able to offer our customers high-quality products and excellent service.

We listen to the market so we can offer
cutting-edge solutions.
We talk to our customers
so we can meet their needs in the best possible way,
quickly coming with new customized solutions.

We are Italian

We work at an industrial level, but deep down we are craftsmen.
First and foremost however, we are a family,
and this gives us our special touch.

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