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We develop and manufacture a range of automatisms capable of taking the moving sun protection system sector into the era ofhome automation . Thanks to our incessant research and development activity and comparison with the latest generation technologies, we design systems capable of interacting the engines with the home accessories, in a simple and timely manner. For comfort of living that captures the full spirit of modernity.

Home automation systems

MAGO System


WIDOM System

Home automation devices

META Wired Motor Controller 7

META RX Motor Controller 7

META TE Dimmer 7

META 4 CH PWM Dimmer 7

META Dry Contact Switch 7

META Double Switch-L 7

META Single Switch 7

META Double Switch-N 7

META Energy Driven Switch-C 7

META Smart Plug

MAGO Switch

MAGO Control unit

MAGO Actuator

MAGO Dimmer

MAGO Gateway

WIDOM Sensor Room Controller

WIDOM Wired Motor Controller


WIDOM Dry Contact Switch

WIDOM Double Switch L

WIDOM Double Switch N

WIDOM Energy Driven Switch 10 kW

WIDOM Energy Driven Switch 3 kW

Home automation accessories

Domotic Isolator

Domotic receivers

BUS modules

Expansion Module

Domotic Transmitter

“We have a successful past, but we continue to innovate and renew. To offer those who choose us an excellent product and service that meets their needs.”

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