Vibration wind sensor

Device suitable for Awnings

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

Ability to control the climate


Protects the awning by detecting its movement caused by the wind

Vibration wind sensor.

Compatible with the Wave RX Ocean RX and Ora ZRX motor series and with external radio receivers for awnings.

Wireless: no wiring between the motor and the sensor.
To be installed on the awning's terminal load bar.
Small size (140x38x26 mm).


Mistral - Operation Diagram


Main characteristics

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Technical features

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Academy Documentation

This vibration sensor, if installed in the awning’s terminal load bar, protects the awning by detecting any movement caused by the wind. It is compatible with the Wave RX motor series and with external awning control units.

  • Before starting
  • The sensor power supply
  • Pairing of the sensor
  • Test the correct pairing
  • Sensor activation
  • Activation of automatic reopening
  • Sensor deleting

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