OPTime and Compact Roll

Radio receiver for rolling shutters.

Device suitable for Rolling shutters

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

The new generation radio receivers for rolling shutters that gives added performance to wired motors. Also with quick coupling connector.

OPTime and Compact Roll: the new generation radio receivers that give added performance to wired motors with mechanical or electronic limit switches.

Specific functions:

  • Obstacle recognition either upwards or downwards.
  • Obstacle detection on both directions, sensitivity setting on 3 levels possible.
  • Function "Super-sensitivity" on obstacle detection, set by remote control, setting on 3 levels possible.
  • Two intermediate positions that are programmable and usable from the remote control.
  • With security devices it is possible to set the limit switch at the stop.

Optional connections:

  • Possibility to connect a switch type unstable.

The OPTime radio receiver is also available with quick couple connector for Roll Easy and Micro Easy motors.

OPTime and Compact Roll

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Technical features

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Compact Roll, OPTime, OPTime Easy