Oriens CRC

Radio receiver for venetian blinds.

Device suitable for Venetian blinds

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

Radio receiver for venetian blinds

Easy adjustment of slat inclination.

EU and US mode controls and the innovative CHERUBINI mode that enables the slats to be adjusted and to quickly and intuitively raise and lower the blinds.

Possibility of memorising an intermediate position and a Privacy position.

Easy programming and operation: the motor confirms all the steps by means of small rotations.



Fits to all Venetian blind motors with mechanical or electronic limit switches.

Fits to all tilters with or without the third position system.



Compatible with the Cherubini remote controls.

Compatible with WindTec climatic controls.


Optional connections:

Input for double switch or for "up/down" control switch.

Oriens CRC

Main characteristics

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Technical features

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Oriens CRC (wiring with connector)
Oriens CRC (standard wiring)

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