MAGO System

Bluetooth® App for controlling rolling shutters, blinds and screens.

Device suitable for Venetian blinds, Rolling shutters, Awnings, Screens, Pergolas

The Bluetooth® system for rolling shutters

MAGO System

Bluetooth® App for controlling rolling shutters, blinds and screens

MAGO is the Bluetooth® system for managing the movement of all the sun protection systems in the house via smartphone.

Installation is easy: MAGO can be used both in new buildings and in renovations, as a standard system with wired motors.

The end user after downloading the application to his smartphone can autonomously set up the system without any installer action.

With the MAGO system you can:

  • Use your smartphone as a remote control.
  • Program your rolling shutters and awnings and also turn on lights and appliances, in a completely independent way and without technical assistance.
  • Customise the app, creating groups, scenes and rooms, to meet specific needs.
  • Increase the installation control range thanks to interaction among connected MAGO devices.

Available for mobile iOS and Android operating systems.



The App recognizes the items connected to the system and controls them.

MAGO Switch and MAGO Control unit:

Rolling shutter, awnings, screens, venetian blinds and adjustable shutters control.

Via the specific MAGO devices, turning on and off of:

  • Light sources and LED dimmer adjustment
  • Boiler
  • Household appliances
  • Air conditioning



Both individual items and scenes can be operated either directly or through the App diary programming.



Your smartphone becomes the domotic system of your house.

The App on your smartphone can be user-customised to combine individual items into groups.

Types of grouping:

  • Homogeneous groups of items: rolling shutters, awnings, lights.
  • Rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom.
  • Scenes: evocative settings can be created through the programmed adjustment of the connected items. The scenes can be activated automatically, by programming the diary, or on demand.

MAGO System

Main characteristics

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Technical features

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Academy Documentation

By adding MAGO, shades and rolling shutters become Bluetooth®-enabled. This enables control from a smartphone through the app. Installation is fast and easy, like for a traditional switch, while link-up and use through the app are innovative, like a new-generation device.

  • MAGO installation and programming
  • MAGO Switch
  • MAGO Control Unit
  • MAGO Actuator
  • MAGO Dimmer
  • MAGO Concentrator
  • Installing MAGO Switch
  • Installing MAGO Control Unit
  • Installing MAGO Dimmer
  • Installing MAGO Actuator
  • Installing MAGO Concentrator
  • Download Cherubini's MAGO App

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