Skipper LCD

Multifunction 50-channel remote control with a 1,8" colour LCD display.

Device suitable for Venetian blinds, Rolling shutters, Awnings, Screens, Pergolas

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

Ergonomic design
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive programming

Skipper LCD

Multifunction 50-channel remote control with a 1,8" colour LCD display.
Symbols together with the colour LCD display make handling of the remote control very intuitive for the user, with all available information clearly displayed. It supports the control of up to 50 devices and the creation of 10 scenarios and 16 groups.



Using Skipper LCD remote control you can create groups and automations at home. You can group by room, floor, facade, office, each group a name of your choice and making simple to apply a centralised action to all of them at once.



One of the remote control's key features is the creation of scenarios. These allow you to create an appropriate environment, to reflect the circumstances, at the touch of a button (for example: (1)'Night', blinds close, awnings retract (2)'Summer', blinds open, awnings are set automatically, ...).



To complete the functions above you have the possibility to action all of them automatically, at a predetermined time or at different times throughout the day, to simulate someone being at home. The user always has the choice to activate these actions manually or automatically.



For installations which use the WindTec Lux (sun-wind) automated system, there's also the option to selectively activate or deactivate the solar function by individual devices, groups or scenarios.


The AAA batteries used give the transmitter a long battery life and are easy to obtain and replace.


Skipper LCD

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Skipper LCD

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