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We design, manufacture and distribute manual solutionson a global scale for thehandling of sunshades, Venetian blinds and roller shutters. A wide range of handles, winches, joints and accessories capable of offering practicality and lightness, the result of extensive experience in the sector and the desire to optimise the high quality achieved on a daily basis, to always aim for excellence. To experience the sun with all the comfort you deserve.

Systems for venetian blinds

Gears for Venetian blinds

Systems for rolling shutters

Gears for rolling shutters

Caps for rolling shutters

Other accessories for rolling shutters

Systems for awnings

Gears for awnings

Assist springs

Caps for awnings

Systems for screens

Gears for screens

Accessories for screens

Cranks and universal joints

Universal joints

Universal joints with plate

Other accessories

“We are industrialists with the soul of a craftsman: we always aim for the highest quality. We never forget our Italian roots, which guarantee us a specific touch and style.”

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