The joy of a motorised pergola

22 Jun 2022

A pergola ensures one’s ability to fully enjoy open spaces in one’s own home at any time of day. If motorised pergola technology is chosen, a world of comfort and convenience opens that makes it possible to manage the covering/awning in a practical, intelligent way. 


Why choose a motorised pergola 

Without doubt the choice of a motorised pergola brings with it gratifying technical advantages and adds value to the building. The space used can be adapted depending on the season and particular needs, giving shade in the heat and protection from the elements in winter, or, opening towards the sky, makes it possible to enjoy splendid evenings under the stars.

Thanks to the motorisation, the pergola can effortlessly change its form in a few seconds, can adapt to the circumstances and can bring added ambience to the home: by pressing the right button on the remote control or using the more modern home automations systems, the pergola opens or closes rapidly, giving form to an exterior outdoor design facility which can be used every day.


Kinds of motorised pergolas

In speaking of motorised pergolas, however, it is necessary to distinguish between the various kinds, depending on the technical nature of the coverage. 

  • Supported motorised pergola 

This version is distinguished by the motor’s positioning at the back of the structure, i.e. against the wall. The structure therefore has two pillars in the front and is ideal for balconies, verandas, terraces and sundecks. 

  • Self-supporting motorised pergola 

This version featuresfour pillars, two in front and two at the back so as to be able to support itself without walls or partitions. It is ideal for the creation of a space independent of the house and has a variety of uses and offers a very versatile solution. 

  • Bioclimatic motorised pergola 

This version is distinguished by its covering in adjustable slats, including a bioclimatic system which makes use of renewable energy. Motorisation enables it to make the most of the functionality of system to protect against sun and rain and also to ensure ideal ventilation of the space.  


How to control your motorised pergola 

Controlling a motorised pergola is very simple and straightforward. With the appropriate radio-control it is possible to regulate the opening and closing of the covering, depending on requirements and climatic conditions. 

A further interesting option is that of home automation: integration of the pergola and its motor in a remote management system, it is possible to open or close it at any time and from wherever, or to programme management following a timetable, occasions or particular conditions. With a smartphone and the right app, everything (or almost) is possible.


The advantages of Cherubini’s motors

Indeed, to have available practical management solutions even by app, as well as flexible and constantly functional automation, it is necessary to choose the right pergola motor

Experience, research and innovation has allowed Cherubini to develop excellent automation systems, that provide remarkable technical benefits to users: from the capacity to memorise intermediate positions for opening and closing to the capacity to identify obstacles to movement.

Cherubini motors are ideal for pergolas with pitched cover or with rollers as well as those with adjustable slats. All that is remains is to choose the most suitable solution for your plans and to discover the joy of state-of-the-art technology.


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