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Experience and innovation allow us to develop practical and functional systems for the electrical movement of pergolas, high-performance motors capable of working best in all conditions, with the possibility of integration into modern home automation systems.

Why choose electric pergolas?

Comfort and protection are certainly the two main reasons for choosing the automation of your pergola, transforming it into an electric pergola.

The additional comfort depends on the possibility of opening or closing the cloth or the adjustable blades with a simple remote control or, even better, using advanced home automation systems which, depending on the intensity of the sun, the times or the climatic conditions, automatically adjust the layout, even according to your personal tastes.

Being able to move the pergola cover easily also allows you to protect it to the fullest: a perfectly stretched cloth lasts longer, while in adverse weather conditions it may be advisable to opt for a different arrangement.

All the advantages of motorizing pergolas

Motorizing pergolas with electrical solutions has several advantages, as well as ensuring maximum comfort and protection for the structure itself.

The use is very simple and highly functional, both thanks to the remote control with which to activate the motors, and to the possibility of integrating the pergola with home automation systems, which allows you to automate the movement.

Then there is the possibility to enjoy the pergola at any time and in all conditions, thanks also to the addition of lighting accessories and even space heating. In short, the pleasure of an outdoor space is multiplied and extended, thanks to automation, making the pergola the added value of your home. A small house outside the house.

How to choose the motors for the pergola

To make the most of the automation potential of your pergola, it is important to evaluate some technical aspects that determine its correct functioning and allow you to keep the system in good condition for longer.

Cherubini technicians offer you full support in choosing the automation that best suits your needs.

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