Home automation solutions for awnings

21 Mar 2023

Technological evolutions in domestic accessories have spread to all areas of the home, making it ever more intelligent. One of the most common functions, which allows a considerable improvement to the use of rooms, is the home automation system for awnings. By means of a relatively simple operation, it is possible to increase comfort in the whole building.


The first step: fit the awnings with a motor

The first step to enter the magnificent world of awning automation systems is to fit them with a motor, with all the most suitable tools. This means first of all replacing the manual operating system with a specially designed awning motor, which is inserted in the winding roller.

When selecting the motor, various specifications must be taken into account: its power, which must be proportionate to the number of arms and the size of the awning, and its dimensions, that is to say the size of the motor which, if chosen incorrectly, might result in the entire mechanism not working properly.

Other options to be assessed are whether or not to choose a model with an emergency crank, allowing the awning to be opened and closed even in the event of a power cut, and the installation of wind, light and rain sensors that, according to weather conditions, will open and close the system automatically.

To find out more on this subject, please read the details on how to motorize your awnings.


All the advantages of home automation systems for awnings

Why fit awnings with a motor? For a series of practical reasons, obviously, foremost among which is the convenience of technology that not only allows more efficient use of the awnings, raising and lowering them based on the intensity of the heat and light outside, and folding them up in the event of rain, hail or other potentially harmful weather events.

Home automation systems also allow regular opening and closing based on your usual habits, at programmable times, to optimise their function and increase the perception of comfort in the home, while also improving privacy and giving a personal touch to exteriors, something that is always necessary.

Finally, one of the advantages of home automation systems is undoubtedly the ability to manage the awnings remotely, thanks to a mobile phone app.


What is needed for remote control of the awnings?

Apart from the motor, what other components are needed to automate awnings and control them remotely? A control unit, a dedicated application. These are fairly common tools that, if properly installed and integrated with each other and with the awnings themselves, can take your home into the future.

This is also thanks to an interface that is easy to use, even from a mobile phone, and functions that are truly within reach of anybody.

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