All the advantages of home automation blinds

10 Jun 2022

There can be no doubt that automating blinds constitutes one of the more significant conveniences for systems for closure systems for sun protection for the home, but it is also true that, thanks to automation, a further qualitative shift is achieved:  heavy blinds are moved just at the touch of a button and, thanks to the integration of digital technology, the system can be controlled at a distance and operates intelligently. 


Remote-control for blinds

Firstly, the innovative convenience of home automation can be summarised in a single descriptive phrase: remote-control for blinds and sun protection systems. 

Going deeper into the matter and into understanding what is involved and how it works, it is clear that automation not only makes homes more comfortable, it also facilitates better use of blinds, facilitating management of light and heat inside the home,protecting windows at all necessary times and facilitating closing and opening functions with maximum efficiency. 

This can all be done using an app or voice controls, with a timer or as scheduled.


Two Cherubini home automation systems: MAGO, META

To best be able to use automation and optimise remote-control systems for opening and closing and sun protection, Cherubini has developed two specific technologies.



MAGO is the Bluetooth® system ofmanagement viasmartphone of movement of all home sun protection systems, and is ideal for both new constructions and for spaces under renovation.

How it works

  • It enables the use of a smartphone as a remote-control.
  • It enables programming of movement for awnings and blinds, as well as lights and household appliances.
  • It enables customisation of the app to create groups, sequences and environments for particular requirements.
  • It enables integration and management of lights and dimmer control, LED’s, geysers, household appliances and air conditioning. 



META is our complete solution, open and modular developed to satisfy all the requirements of home automation.

How it works

The system consists of new generation integrated dual-radio motors, OPEN ZRX, ORA ZRX and REBIS ZRX, of META devices and the METAHome gateway with a dedicated app.

OPEN ZRX for roller blinds, ORA ZRX for sun blinds and REBIS ZRX for technical awnings and screens all derive from our dual-radio patent which led to the creation of Home Automation systems which are increasingly smart, interconnected and open.


What do you need to remotely control blinds?

What is needed, thus, to manage by remote-control home blinds (or why not? office blinds)? Firstly, there must be motorised blinds integrated into  a home automation system which can be controlled remotely. Further, a remote-control device is needed to open and close the systems appropriately from inside the home, or from a smartphone with a dedicated app for the management of systems remotely at any time. 


How to control blinds from a smartphone

It is very practical, convenient and easy to manage systems for control of blinds by smartphone. 

To do this, all that is needed is an app for Android and iOS cell phones, which ensures control over the state of the blinds, to adjust them at any time or particular times using a timer, configuring a variety of sequences in accordance with one’s own preferences.  

In this way, home automation makes blinds an intelligent tool, convenient for the wellbeing of the home and its inhabitants: each action/configuration is managed through the app with a minimum of processes.


Controlling blinds with Google Home and Alexa

Another possibility offered by home automation systems for blinds is management of opening and closing by the well-known home voice assistants. The inclusion of Google Home and Alexa ensures controlling blinds from any part of the home with a simple phrase. 

This is a very useful option for anyone not wishing to use a remote-control device and wishing to control the blinds in any circumstances.


The advantages of home automation for blinds

Automation for blinds offers many different advantages, not for management of living spaces but also in their efficiency.  

First of all, it gives full control over the home, wherever one may be with immediate effects. 

Then it is possible to reduce heat dispersal in the winter home and to keep it cool in the summer, opening and closing the blinds as an internal of temperature level is reached, or at specific times, or even depending on atmospheric conditions.  

Home automation reduces the risk of break-ins, because it is virtually impossible that blinds stay open during long periods of absence: from a smartphone, with one click, it is possible to close them at any time

Furthermore, inclusive management increases the lifetime of fixtures which are better protected from atmospheric elements thanks to intelligent closure. 

Thus, all that needs to be done is to choose the appropriate solution for each need, install the proper motor for the blinds, and to become aware of the thousand opportunities home automation provides. 


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