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Automation for multipurpose awnings

The range of our awning motors is designed to meet your every need, thanks to versatile and adaptable solutions. Like the ORA ZRX series, which can be operated by voice assistants, radio remote controls, switches and apps, or the WAVE LOCK RX series, dedicated to perfect control of blinds with automatic hooking.

How to choose the motor for the awnings?

In the delicate phase of choosing the most suitable motor for your awnings, it is important to consider some technical aspects that can be fundamental for the quality, performance and duration of the installed solution.

First of all, you need to know the diameter of the winding roller: the larger the diameter, the greater the motor torque. Equally essential is the length of the curtain, with the consequent length of the winding roller.

It is then necessary to decide the number of arms of the awning, according to the size and needs of the system: these are in fact the components that give strength to the awning. Finally, it is useful to consider the protrusion of the awning, since the greater is the projection, and therefore the elongation of the awning arms, the greater is the motor torque.

What are the different motor versions for awnings?

  • Motors for awnings with arms, for agile and always functional handling.
  • Motors for awnings with emergency crank operation, just in case.
  • Motors for automatic hooking vertical blinds.
  • All awning motors can also be controlled by remote control.

Sensors for wind and sun

Wind and sun sensors are important accessories for optimizing the efficiency of motorized awnings and preserving them over time.

At Cherubini we have developed and manufactured three windproof and rainproof systems for our automations.

WindTec LUX, sensor with integrated radio that does not require any wiring between motor and automation, is the climate control for sun and wind that automatically activates the awning and guarantees great practicality, thanks also to the adjustable support for anchoring on surfaces of any inclination.

Mistral is instead a vibration sensor, which protects the awning by detecting the movement caused by the wind: a wireless system without wiring between motor and sensor, easy to install in the terminal bar.

Rugiada TX is the rain sensor, a radio model that, connected to a transmitter, allows you to adjust the response of the awning according to your needs. Both are easy to install and manage, for effective and convenient protection.

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