Insta Short ZRX

Integrated dual radio in the most compact Plug&Play.

Activation by remote control, switch, app and vocal assistants. Electronic limit switch.

Device suitable for Rolling shutters

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

Equipped with the Zwave system

All of the plug&play functions, plus dual radio-control, in just 36 cm!


Electronic limit switch with Z-Wave and CRC RX integrated radio, plus wire control

This motor is recommended as drive system for interior and exterior "monobloc" shutters.
SmartStart for inclusion in Z-Wave ecosystems.

Easy to install

Insert the motor into the tube, connect it to the power supply and it's ready.

Total information return

The motor keeps its status aligned for any type of command received: via cable through push button or switch, via CRC RX radio through remote control, via Z-Wave network, via voice assistant, tablet or smartphone.

Optional connections

Wired switch.


Thanks to the dual-radio, the motor offers the same advantages and ease of programming as the Cherubini range, plus seamless integration into Z-Wave home building automation systems.

Specific functions

  • Automatic adjustment of the limit switches.
  • Protection against freezing and obstacle detection on both directions, with drive inversion.
  • Possibility to memorise 2 intermediate positions; They can be activated by remote control. 



Insta Short ZRX

Main characteristics

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Technical features

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INSTA SHORT ZRX - Rolling shutters

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