How to motorise sun awnings

07 Jul 2022

Sun awnings provide a very useful cover in all seasons, since they provide a  screen against the excessive heat of summer, and also protect against bad weather in autumn and winter by creating a protective shady space between house and garden. To make them more functional and practical, they can be motorised: here is some useful advice about why and how to do it.


Why motorise awnings

To start with, why motorise awnings? There are many reasons to do so, but more than anything the practicality of an electrical solution must be highlighted because it allows one to enjoy the space to the full. 

This is so, because motorised awnings make the opening and closing movement easier and more sure, especially when it comes to especially large and heavy models which protect against both heat and rain, giving greater privacy and providing the outside of the house with a personal touch. 

All in all, installing a new motorised awning or modernising – where possible – manually operated awnings already in place will mean an improvement in the quality of home life and enjoying the home’s potential to the full. 


What is needed to motorise awnings

Motorising awnings means, in practice, the substitution of the classic manual handle with a motor inserted in the winder drum to enable automated opening and closing.

Besides installing the motor, it is possible to include in the installation wind, light and rain sensors which will automatically regulate opening and closing depending on weather conditions thus avoiding damage and providing for the enjoyment of its full functionality without a second thought.   


How do motorised systems work

But how do motorised awnings work? There are two sorts of motor: mechanical, or activated by a switch or radio-controlled, or controlled by a remote-control device. This sort of motor is undoubtedly more advanced and practical.

motor for awnings can be installed in the winder on the same side as the winder handle; by a dual process, a boxed or semi-boxed awning can be automated.

Whenever an awning is obsolete, the ideal solution is to substitute it with a more modern and practical model which provides for its possible automation: this makes it easier for the technicians and also ensures that there are greater choices for individual styles and ease of use

A further benefit of a radio-controlled system is the capacity for distance management of the awning at any time with the greatest of ease even for heavier structures. 


How to choose a motor for awnings

The most difficult part in the automation process for home awnings is the choice of a perfect motor. What seems to be a small device enclosed in a cylindrical container is, in fact, a compact piece of technology: to avoid inserting an unsuitable motor for that particular awning, a number of elements must be taken into account: 

  • the motor power, which has to be proportional to the number of arms, the width and extension of the awning;
  • evaluation of a remote-control system option for activation at a distance;
  • deciding on the choice of model with a stand-by handle, to control the awning in the case of blackout.

Each of these elements is essential for installing a system that really works: particular attention must be paid to the dimensions, which if miscalculated, can result in the installation of a system incapable of functioning properly.


How much does it cost to motorise a sun awning

Having explained, at least in general terms, the technical and functional elements, the financial aspect needs elucidation: how much does it cost to motorise awnings?   

As can easily be imagined, there is no simple answer to this question: much depends on the type of awning for motorisation, on its size and functionality desired as well as, obviously, on the kind of motor required.

From amounts of tens to some hundreds of euro is the potential range covering the multiple variables and the extent of all possible solutions. The important thing is to rely on specialised technicians and qualified manufacturers, who operate in the sector and are in a position to offer all necessary support and professionality.


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