How the remote control for awnings works

17 Nov 2022

Increasingly popular and increasingly appreciated by users are motorised awnings with remote control. Partly through convenience, partly through natural technological evolution, these solutions have conquered the market and are now an indispensable symbol of innovation for the public.

However, some people still wonder what exactly an awning remote control is for and how it works . Here is a very short guide to help clear up doubts and make the best choice for your needs.


What is a remote control for awnings and what is it for?

As trivial as it may sound, it is worth remembering that the awning remote control is a small wireless device that is very useful for controlling the opening and closing of awnings from a distance.

Lightweight and practical, sometimes even designed as a design element, the remote control not only allows the blinds to be opened and closed, but can also offer other special functions, all of which can be operated at the touch of a button or by selecting one of the options offered.


Why choose motorised blinds with remote control

But why choose a remote control to operate your motorised blinds?

Undoubtedly, the first great advantage offered by this type of solution is comfort: being able to manage opening and closing, but also other adjustments, simply by pressing a button, without getting up and from anywhere in the house, is for many people an indispensable convenience.

Secondly, it is not just a matter of manoeuvring the awnings from the couch, but of managing the possible options of use, so as to increase efficiency and the immediate ability to adapt to your real needs.

Lastly, a remote control encompasses all functions allowing, through a single tool, complete control of the system: each Cherubini motorised solution can be associated with a remote control, making it even easier to manage.


Is the remote control for awnings universal?

Each Cherubini series is also designed to be operated in the best possible way by remote control. There is therefore no such thing as a completely universal remote control, but every awning motor can also be operated by remote control: each model is distinguished by the possibility of integration with certain systems, a different appearance and particular functionalities.

Very practical and essential, customisable in six different colours, with an easy-to-read white LED display and long-lasting batteries. By means of these remote controls, programming can be locked, with a mono or multi-channel option depending on the model.

Innovative in usability, thanks to the rotary handpiece that allows commands to be sent more naturally than keys. In addition, it has dedicated buttons for programming, protected by a concealed battery compartment. A perfect balance of functionality and design.

Wall-mounted, single-channel remote control for operating a motor or group of motors. It is characterised by its square and slim design as well as its fully detachable wall bracket, which can be attached to a universal flush-mounted electrical box.


Are you in doubt about choosing the best remote control system for operating your motorised awnings?


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