Wind sensor for awnings

09 Sep 2022

One of the most useful technologies to integrate with motorised awnings is undoubtedly wind sensors, which safeguard the structure and the awning itself in the event of strong gusts. These solutions are becoming more and more popular, not least because of climate change causing increasingly violent events all over the world, forcing installers and customers to be forward-looking.


What is the wind sensor, or anemometer

But what exactly is a wind sensor? Firstly, it is fair to know that the precise technical name of the instrument we are talking about would be 'anemometer', which is a device used in meteorology to measure wind speed or pressure.

In the application that concerns us, the wind sensor helps to detect the presence of winds that exceed a certain threshold in speed and consistency, so as to trigger an automated system to close the awning, avoiding damage to the fabric or structure due to excessively strong gusts.


How the vibration wind sensor works


In our catalogue you can find a special vibration wind sensor, perfect for protecting your awning in all circumstances, as it registers the movement of the awning caused by the wind.

Thus, when the vibrations of the structure and the fabric exceed a certain threshold, the blind closes, protecting itself.

Operation of the Cherubini wind sensor is quite simple and, being wireless , does not require any wiring with the motor of the awning, it is installed in the end load bar and is immediately operational.

Its small size (140x38x26 mm) makes it essentially invisible, while its sensitivity allows it to operate at its best, preserving the entire system, from the arms to the canvas.


Why use the wind sensor for awnings and how to adjust it

The reason why it is worth using the wind sensor, in the case of motorised awnings, is very simple: it avoids the risk of damage, even serious damage, to the structure, as well as dangers related to system failure.

In the event of wind, the sensor is activated and, thanks to the automation, the awning closes: in this way, it is protected and safe.

The sensor must be adjusted and tested as required during installation, and also includes an option for automatic awning re-opening.


How much does the wind sensor for awnings cost

A technology that is as useful as it is inexpensive: our Mistral wind sensor for awnings costs only a few tens of euros, guaranteeing all the efficiency and flexibility of a quality system for the protection of your awning, at all times.

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