Clima Plus RX

For all types of adjustable shutters - both for drop types and for coupling types.

Activation by remote control or switch. Electronic limit switch.

Device suitable for Rolling shutters

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

For all types of adjustable shutters - both for drop types and for coupling types.


Electronic limit switch with built-in receiver, wire and radio control

Setting possible with remote control or wired switch.
Compatible with most home automation systems on the market.

Tilting setting

The 5 programmable tilting options are designed to control all types of shutters with adjustable slats on the market - both drop system and coupling system types.

Specific functions

  • Manual and semi-automatic adjustment of the limit switches.
  • Protection against freezing and obstacle detection on both directions, sensitivity setting on 3 levels possible.
  • Possibility of memorising an intermediate position.

Optional connections

Wired switch.

Clima Plus RX

Main characteristics

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Technical features

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Academy Documentation

CLIMA PLUS RX - Adjustable-slat rolling shutters
  • Electrical Connection
  • Before starting
  • Motor programming
  • Pairing the remote control with the motor
  • Setting the limit stop position
  • Adjustable slats programming
  • Adjustable slats deleting
  • Pairing of other remote controls
  • Complete deletion of limit positions
  • Complete deletion of remote controls
  • Closing force adjustment

METAHome: Inclusion of the Cherubini CRC RX motors in the META App

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