Doge RX

Tubular motor for Venetian blinds.

Activation by remote control or switch. Electronic limit switch.

Device suitable for Venetian blinds

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

Doge System: The new solution for the movement and automation of Venetian blinds


Electronic limit switch with built-in receiver, wire and radio control

Simple and intuitive adjustment of the limit switches from the remote control.
The encoder technology makes it possible to keep the position set with optimum precision and reliability.

Safety and simplicity

High-safety coding system “Rolling Code”.
Easy programming and operation: the motor confirms all the steps by means of small rotations.

Dedicated tilter

Specifically designed for the use of the motor with Venetian blinds, the tilter allows multiple adjustment possibilities thanks to the movable pegs, up to 180° with B100 blades.

Specific functions

  • Possibility of memorising an intermediate position.
  • Setting possible with remote control or wired switch.

Optional connections

Wired switch.
Connection to WindTec climatic control via radio.



DOGE is the new solution for the movement and automation of Venetian blinds.
A system created through a tilter specifically designed for use with tubular motors and the development of specific software.

More speed and power
The use of tubular motors allows greater torque availability (6, 15, 25 and 40 Nm) to control even large Venetian blinds and make it more comfortable to close, open and orient the slats.

More precision
Shaft rotation at 17 Npm ensures higher linear speed for maximum precision in slat control.
The super-sensitivity function in the 6 and 15 Nm motors protects the system from damage to the texband.

More adjustment possibilities
The Ø 60 winder is equipped with movable pegs, configurable up to 180° with B 100 blades; specially created software allows precise control of blade inclination during installation and daily use.

More comfort
The DOGE system's silent motor gearbox and the tilter's spring-loaded steel brake make opening, closing and tilting of the slats quieter and more comfortable, allowing you to control room brightness and privacy without the annoyance of noise.

More convenience
The DOGE system is based on the identical standards and components as the roller shutter systems: thanks to the same type of installation, it is thus possible to realise a single system for roller shutters and Venetian blinds on the building site, with all the advantages in terms of optimisation of devices and management using the same controls.

More privacy
In combination with the WindTec wind sensor, DOGE detects excessive wind and, thanks to its privacy function, protects people privacy by automatically setting the slats to a 45° angle, preventing damage to the blinds without raising them completely.

Doge RX

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