Rebis ZRX

Dual-radio motor for technical blinds and screens.

Activation by remote control, switch, app and vocal assistants. Electronic limit switch.

Device suitable for Screens

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

Equipped with the Zwave system

Dual-radio motor for technical blinds and screens


Electronic limit switch with integrated dual radio Cherubini CRC RX and Z-Wave

The motor can be controlled by voice assistants (Google Home and Amazon Alexa) and CRC RX radio remote controls, switches, and online applications associated with the gateway.

Total information return

The motor keeps its status aligned for any type of command received: via cable through push button or switch, via CRC RX radio through remote control, via Z-Wave network, via voice assistant, tablet or smartphone.


Thanks to the dual-radio, the motor offers the same advantages and ease of programming as the Cherubini range, plus seamless integration into Z-Wave home building automation systems.

Safety and simplicity

Easy programming and operation: the motor confirms all the steps by means of small rotations.

Specific functions

  • Adjustment of the limit switches from the remote control.
  • "Super-sensitivity" function on obstacle detection, set by remote control, setting on 3 levels possible, especially for screens and mosquito blinds.
  • Torque control for the stop in closing position of cassette awnings.
  • Possibility of memorising an intermediate position.
  • Setting possible with remote control or wired switch.

Optional connections

Wired switch.
Connection to WindTec and Rugiada climatic controls via radio.

Rebis ZRX

Main characteristics

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Technical features

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Academy Documentation

REBIS ZRX - Screens and mosquito nets
  • Electrical Connection
  • Before starting
  • Motor programming
  • Pairing the remote control with the motor
  • Setting the limit stop position
  • Supersensitivity activation
  • Supersensitivity deactivation
  • Intermediate position
  • Anemometer, storage of climate sensors
  • Pairing of other remote controls
  • Complete deletion of remote controls
  • Complete deletion of limit positions
  • Closing force adjustment

METAHome: Inclusion of Cherubini Z-Wave motor with QR-Code

METAHome: Inclusion of Cherubini Z-Wave motor with remote control

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