Wave RX

The motor for all awning types - Ideal for cassette awnings, pitched pergolas or horizontal awnings.

Activation by remote control or switch. Electronic limit switch.

Device suitable for Awnings, Screens, Pergolas

Equipped with the Cherubini remote control system

The motor for all awning types

Wave RX


Electronic limit switch with built-in receiver (wired)

Attachment without brackets

Thanks to the metallic head, the motor can be fastened directly to the bracket.

Specific functions:

• Obstacle detection up-wards, sensitivity setting on 3 levels possible.
• Function "Super-sensitivity" on obstacle detection, set by remote control, setting on 3 levels possible (only for 10-15-25 Nm).
• Mechanical stop during closing.
• Possibility of memorising an intermediate position.
• Setting possible with remote control or wired switch.

Cassette awnings

The possibility to adjust the applied force ensures the perfect closing of the cassette awnings, avoids the danger of over-stretching the awning fabric.

Pitched pergolas:

On pitched pergolas the motor stops automatically when the fabric reaches its point of greatest extension: performing a remote control sequence is sufficient to program the limit switches. From that moment onwards each time the motor reaches the opening limit switch position, it stops so that it keeps the awning fabric taut.

Pergolas and horizontal awnings:

For pergolas and horizontal awnings it is possible to activate the Fabric Tightening function: the motor, after reaching the outer limit, automatically performs a short backwards turn to tighten the fabric.

Wave RX Ø 45 4 rpm: the ideal for tilt slats pergolas

The “slow” version (4 rpm) was designed to automate tilt slats pergolas. The high-resolution electronic control of the revolutions enables fine tuning of the slats’ angular position ensuring precise light management. The electronic limit switch managed by the remote control makes the motor extremely flexible and adaptable to every situation.

Optional connections

• Wired switch.
• Connection to WindTec, Mistral and Rugiada climatic controls via radio.

Wave RX

Technical specifications

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Compatible automatisms

Remote controls
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Pocket remote control

Skipper LCD

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BUS modules

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Perfect for awnings with or without cassette and fold-up or roll-up pergola shades; it is operated via remote control or switch. Thanks to the metal head, the motor can be attached directly to the bracket.
Wave RX - Awnings
Perfect for fold-up or roll-up pergola shades; it is operated with via remote control or switch. Thanks to the metal head, the motor can be attached directly to the rod bracket.
Wave RX - Pergola