Plug&Play Safe Easy

Reduced head size with manual override means that it can also be installed in small spaces.

Activation by switch. Electronic limit switch.

Device suitable for Rolling shutters

Compact motor for second escape routes


Wired motor with electronic limit switch and manual override

Suitable for installation on rolling shutters with both stiff and stoppers on the last slat.

Compact override

Thanks to its small size, this device can be installed in limited spaces.
The reduction ratio is 1:15.

Easy to install

Easy installation by inserting the motor into the tube and connecting the connector.

Specific functions

  • Automatic adjustment of the limit switches.
  • Limit switch self-learning feature after manual adjustment with manual override.
  • Protection against freezing and obstacle detection on both directions.
  • May be connected either directly or in parallel.

Easy connector with black neoprene cable

For maximum installation speed on-site.






Plug&Play Safe Easy

Main characteristics

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Technical features

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Accessories for manual operation

7463 150G 2101

Foldable crank with hook length 150 cm

7461 150N 1606A

Foldable crank with assembled tube length 150 cm

7721 7040 OC16

Outlet at 70°, fast coupling with eye

7840 7033 OCNK

Outlet at 90°, fast coupling with eye - nickel plated

7840 7043 OC16

Outlet at 90°, fast coupling with eye - RAL 9016

7705 7030 OCNK

Outlet 55°, plate in nickel plated Zama, with eye

8026 70

Magnetic outlet with plate

14987016 + 8056M12

Magnetic outlet without plate

14987016 + 8056V13

Magnetic outlet without plate

6015 7007

Hexagonal pole 7 w/71 mm protrusion+screw

6015 7018

Hexagonal pole 7 w/185 mm protrusion+screw

7840 7038 CA16 + 7844 12CA16

Outlet at 90° magnetic + magnetic gear reduction


Plate 85x40x2 mm.
Hole cover plate designed for manual override on cassette.

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Academy Documentation

Compact motor for second escape routes. Reduced head size with manual override means that it can also be installed in small spaces. 

PLUG&PLAY SAFE EASY - Rolling shutters
  • Electrical connection
  • Before starting
  • Motor programming
  • Direction of rotation
  • Shutter operation by manual override
  • Restoring the original configuration

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