How to install an electric motor for roller shutters

06 Jun 2023

During a renovation, or for simple convenience, it can be important to think about how to improve the management and use of your roller shutters. A good solution is to install an electric motor that makes them easier to open and close, even remotely.

But how does an electric motor for roller shutters work, what are its advantages and how can it be installed? Here are some useful tips.


How an electric motor for roller shutters works

The motor is activated by electricity: the device must therefore be connected to the electricity, as well as to the roller shutter itself, and suitably calibrated, so as to allow not only correct opening and closing, but also optimal adjustment of the limit switches.

In short, a simple and compact electric device that helps manage the roller shutter, making it less tiring and safer.


Why install an electric motor for roller shutters

It is easy to guess what the main advantages of installing an electric motor for roller shutters are: the ease of use has already been mentioned, thanks to motorisation anyone can open and close them, from children to the elderly, without any effort or risk.

Moreover, thanks to motorisation and if connected to a remote control, roller shutters can also be operated remotely. Even more interesting and advanced are the functions possible thanks to the motor interconnected to home automation systems, which allow opening and closing to be programmed according to the time of day, the weather outside or the intensity of the light.

In short, an electric motor for roller shutters improves comfort and can contribute to innovation in the home, making it more functional.


How to install a motor for roller shutters

The choice of the type of motor and its subsequent installation should be taken care of by professionals in the sector, capable of assessing the best solution and integrating it in the best possible way, so as to guarantee correct operation: but how is a motor for rolling shutters installed?

The first step is to position the motor itself inside the roller shutter's winder roller, checking that it is suitable for housing the latest generation of electronic devices and taking care to eliminate the winder and belt of the old manual function.

Once the motor has been inserted into the roller, the electrical connection must be made and then to a control device, so that it can operate. Last, but not least, is the adjustment of the motor's end stops.

As mentioned, more than the assembly itself, attention must be paid to the characteristics of the roller shutter, selecting an appropriate motor based on its size, material and therefore its weight, so as to have a truly effective and safe mechanism.

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