Motorising the roller shutter: the importance of weight and how to calculate it

18 May 2023

Motorising a roller shutter may seem simple, but there is one fundamental aspect that must be taken into account if you want to avoid any operational problems or system stress: the weight of the shutter itself, which determines both the choice of the most suitable roller shutter motor and the design of the entire system.

But how is the weight of a roller shutter calculated? The formula is not so intuitive and requires a minimum of attention.


What is needed to calculate the correct shutter weight

To calculate the weight of a roller shutter to be motorised, you first need to know its height and width. Once you have taken these measurements and multiplied them, you will have the total surface area in square metres, which is essential for determining the actual weight.

It depends on the overall size of the shutter, but also on the material it is made of: the steel used for armoured shutters, for example, weighs between 8 and 10 kg per square metre, while PVC weighs between 4 and 7 kg.

Height, width and material lead to the formula for calculating the correct weight of each shutter, which is as follows: Weight [kg] = Width [m] x Height [m] x Weight at m2 [kg/m2]


How to choose the right motor for your roller shutter

Having defined the key factor in the design of the automation system, i.e. the weight, all that remains is to understand how to choose the right motor for the roller shutter.

Depending on the weight of the roller shutter, the power of the motor, which must have a capacity at least equal to (or greater than) the weight of the shutter, varies. Installing an undersized motor could lead to malfunctions or, worse, motor failure.

Another factor to consider is the use of automation and its possible integration into a domotic system, so that the roller shutter can open and close autonomously (or regulate itself) according to specific needs and environmental conditions.

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