Guide to the maintenance of motorised roller shutters

06 Jun 2023

Caring for and maintaining electric roller shutters helps to keep them running smoothly over time, avoid breakdowns and ensure they are effective in protecting rooms. But how should motorised roller shutters be maintained?

The tips to follow are few and easy to apply, which is why it is worth respecting them, in order to extend the life of roller shutters and the roller shutter motor that guarantees their operation.


How to maintain electric roller shutters

If, in the event of faults, it is advisable to contact specialised technicians who know how to intervene and how to resolve problems without creating new ones, it is also possible to maintain electric roller shutters independently, with a few precautions.

More or less frequent use can stress or even ruin the electric shutters, which is why it is right to proceed with specific maintenance operations: the condition of the slats that form the structure must be checked periodically, as they could become twisted, embanked or even stranded due to foreign bodies, undermining the operation of the system; the condition of the side guides must be checked, for the same reason, keeping them clean and intact, also through the use of specific lubricants capable of improving sliding.


How to clean electric roller shutters

Cleaning plays a crucial role, not only to allow electric roller shutters to function properly, but also to extend their life and ensure that they are healthy.

The presence of dust or other external agents, as well as dirt, can affect the automation mechanism, which is why it is good practice to clean the entire structure at least once or twice a season.

This means first of all cleaning the slats with a damp cloth and appropriate detergent: the type of product varies depending on the material of the shutter, so care should be taken and specific detergents should be selected for aluminium, PVC or other types.

It is then a good idea to remove dust from any shutter boxes and the roller blind, with the help of ad hoc brushes, and finally to check whether it is necessary to maintain a tighter routine, to prevent the system from becoming too dirty and difficult to clean.


Why maintenance of motorised roller shutters is important

Both the technical overhaul phase and the cleaning phase are very important for the general maintenance of motorised roller shutters, as they make it possible to avoid annoying squeaks or even more annoying noises when opening and closing, which can make them uncomfortable to use, especially at night.

In addition, careful maintenance avoids damage and repair costs, keeps the system oiled and prevents the operation from becoming fatigued, with the risk of the motor working badly or - even worse - overheating.

A well-functioning electric roller shutter offers great convenience and considerable security, which it would be foolish to give up out of laziness.

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