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Automation for efficient shutters

We design, develop and manufacture automation for rolling shutters capable of offering excellent performance in all conditions, ensuring smooth and intuitive opening and closing movements, thanks to the various integrated protocols.

Features and functionality of motors for rolling shutters

The range of motors stands out first of all for the innovative design and for a compact high efficiency electronic board, as well as for the high efficiency and for the flexibility guaranteed by the different models (with diameter 35, 45, 58).

Mechanical or electronic, the universal head can be installed on all the main supports on the market and, thanks to the removable shoulders supplied, it is also compatible with all our previous support.

All motors for roller shutters are simple to install and allow agile use and the possibility of remote management through home automation systems, which favors the transition to the smart home of the future and allows you to control domestic systems via a simple app, at any time.

Matters to be taken into consideration when choosing the roller shutter motor

In choosing a motor for the automation of the rolling shutters of the house, it is essential to pay attention to some characteristics capable of determining its performance and duration over time.

First of all, the weight of the roller shutter, which can be calculated once the surface of the shutter and the weight per square meter of the material used are known. Secondly, the diameter of the winding roll: a larger one requires more motor torque. Finally, the thickness of the profile, decisive for knowing the winding diameter on the roll.

The advantages of a latest generation roller shutter motor

The range of motors offers:

  • Small dimensions
    Maximum compactness, starting from a minimum length of 36cm.
  • Electronic or mechanical limit switch
    Reliable and intuitive limit switch adjustment.
  • Sturdiness and safety
    Highly reliable star reducer pin.
  • Compatibility system
    Easy integration with Smart Home automation systems.
  • Remote control
    Single-channel, multi-channel and wall-mounted remote controls.
  • Wiring with white wire
    Possibility to program and control radio motors also via cable.

Why automate the rolling shutters and consider a rescue maneuver?

Automating the opening and closing of domestic roller shutters allows maximum flexibility and comfort in the different movements and better management of each roller shutter, both in presence and remotely, with the possibility to manage the devices through home automation systems.

When automating all the house blinds, It is also advisable to consider the installation of at least one motor with emergency rescue maneuver, capable of ensuring a second escape route in addition to the entrance door, in the event of a fire or power failure.

Practicality, innovation and safety join forces in latest generation electrical systems, designed for comfort and efficiency.

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