How to adjust the motor limit switch for roller shutters

18 May 2023

If you choose to equip your home or office with automated roller shutters, you will need to adjust the limit switch, the mechanism that stops the roller shutter at the desired point. What exactly is it about? And how can this be done without necessarily calling in a specialist technician? Here is a short practical guide.


What is the motor limit switch for roller shutters, and what is it for?

The limit switch is very useful for anyone with a shutter motor.

The limit switch of the electric roller shutter measures the distance travelled by the roller shutter and blocks its stroke at the desired position: these are electrically operated gears that sometimes require adjustment to best calibrate their operation.

The limit switch allows the roller shutter to close properly and completely, preventing unwanted light from entering and better protecting the window from weather or burglary.


Why it is important to adjust the limit switch

A properly functioning limit switch, i.e. a control device that adjusts the stopping point of the roller shutter up and down, protects the system and the motor from breakage.

There are two types of limit switches: electronic and mechanical. The difference between the two is in the name: the first is an electronic control which measures the distance travelled by the shutter(or rather the revolutions of the motor) and stops it at the desired point; the second is a manually adjustable mechanism.

It is important to be able to check the operation of the limit switch and adjust it directly to ensure high standards of both functionality and safety.

But what are the steps to adjust the limit switch of an automated roller shutter?


How to adjust the motor limit switch for roller shutters

Adjusting the motor limit switch, as mentioned above, is very useful, but you need to know how to move. First, the roller shutter must be released from the frame, ensuring the motor is mounted correctly and turning the mechanical device to the end position.

It is then necessary to check for dirt or obstructions that may hinder the smooth movement of the shutter and, if necessary, to clean it thoroughly.

Once hypothetical malfunctions have been ruled out, how do you proceed with the actual adjustment?

Run the motor, pressing the down button, until it stops at the pre-set lower-end position. Hook the roller shutter to the roller via the straps, press the up button and let the motor rewind it to the pre-set upper-end point.

At this point, turn the screw next to the down arrow while holding down the up button. The roller shutter, which moves in jerks, reaches the top position, correctly registering the motor and the limit switch.

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