How to motorise blinds

09 Aug 2022

Motorisation of blinds for the home or office is an increasingly common practice, which affords various conveniences as well as enabling blinds to be closed and opened by remote, with technical solutions which are simple to install and very easy to use.

Modernising the blind system just needs a dedicated motor, which assures comfort and adds value to the property. We will investigate how.


Why should you motorise blinds

The first question to be asked is: why should you motorise blinds? There are various reasons, but above all the convenience of having an electronic solution should be emphasised, which enables the roller blinds to be raised and lowered effortlessly, simply with the click of a switch.

Moreover, motorised blinds make movement safer, particularly where particularly large and heavy models are concerned, and, in the latest generation, they can be linked to a home automation system, automating opening and closing at specific times, especially necessary in certain weather conditions.

And all by remote, which optimises the process.


How do electronic blinds work

As mentioned, electronic blinds operate with a motor, which is at the heart of the entire system, and which is connected to the electricity network in the building. These types of motors are small in size and cylindrical in form: and the roll structure of the blind encases this central pivot.

Installation of a roller shutters motors is thus a prerequisite for motorisation, untying of the webbing of the roller blinds, and removing the roller with the original pulley and replacing it with the electronic roller. The procedure is fairly straightforward: the only obstacle might be problems with the power supply. Check the integrity of the equipment and proper connection to the system, then all that needs to be done is to ensure that the blinds are correctly aligned with the roller to retract properly and that the various parts are affixed.

Normally it should be tested a few times to find the perfect balance so that the electric blinds are ready for daily use. The most up-to-date motors also include radio controls, so that opening effortlessly, and closing can even be done at a distance, and which can be integrated with centralised smart-home home automation.

In short, the with latest generation models, motorised blinds can be managed in various ways: by using a control switch, from the comfort of the couch (thanks to remote control), or via a pre-programmed and intelligent system, through home automation.


All the advantages of motorised blinds

There are many advantages to electronic solutions: as we have mentioned, motorised blinds are much more convenient than manual blinds; they are also more adaptable, because everyone, from young to old, can use them effortlessly; furthermore, the most advanced versions can be managed from anywhere in the house or even from anywhere on earth, thanks to radio controls and information systems.

It is also aesthetically more pleasing no longer to see the external hand cords against the wall or in the window reveal. And in addition to all this, is low energy use and the affordability of motorisation, it’s a done deal.


How much does blind motorisation cost

Everything described above comes in at a fairly low cost, which can normally be achieved with a few dozen euro. Much depends on any additional accessories, from radio controls to electronic integration by remote control, but in any case, we are talking about practical and easy-to-use systems. Hard to say no to such convenience.


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