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Automating the management of roller blinds with dedicated motors allows for excellent and long-lasting performance, thanks to systems designed and built in-house, the result of our experience and latest generation technologies.

Why choose electric roller blinds?

The electric roller blinds offer comfort and an elegant touch to your home, allowing you to easily protect your privacy with a complete shielding of the windows, or to open the view to the outside, completely freeing the window and allowing the light natural way to better illuminate the rooms.

Motorizing roller blinds: all the advantages

The advantages of automating home screens are different.

First of all, the convenience of being able to count on electric blinds capable of darkening the rooms in the best possible way, or opening the view on the external landscape in a few seconds. Secondly, being able to better manage the internal temperature of the rooms, keeping them more comfortable, cool and shady in summer and favoring the conservation of heat in winter, thanks to automation integrated with the thermostat through home automation.

Finally, the beauty of a system capable of adapting to everyone's habits, with programmed openings and closings according to the modalities; of use of spaces.

How to choose the motor for roller blinds

To make the most of the full potential of screen automation, it is important to evaluate some technical aspects that determine its correct functioning and duration over time.

You need to know the diameter of the winding roller, being aware that a larger diameter requires a higher motor torque. The weight per square meter of the fabric used and the overall surface of the roller blind are also important, as they determine the power required. It is also essential to know the weight of the terminal bar to avoid choosing motors that, with continuous use, could prove unsuitable and suffer malfunctions or damage.

Our technicians offer you full support in choosing the automation that best suits your needs.

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